OuttaOrbitEnt Spotlight: Jarvo “Throw It”


Jarvis Brooks, known by stage name Jarvo was born in Memphis, Tn in 1989. He got his name Jarvo from a high school classmate and it has been stuck with him ever since. He fell in love with the rap scene at the young age of seven, but didn’t began to pursue things professionally until 2015. He recalls reciting rap lyrics he heard on the radio and making them his own. Everyone has a crazy first experience with recording their first demo. Jarvo recorded his first demo with his childhood friend, Mac Daro. The two of them became very close. They both enjoyed creating music. The quality wasn’t the best, but he was excited to hear himself. Although the rapper is one hundred percent independent, he is making his moves count for him. He worked on his first album for a long time before finally releasing it in 2018. The album was titled, “I am Me”. Jarvo has worked with many producers including TK On Da Beat, Twan Beat Maker, BrandonHeat, RhapBeats, IMakeMadBeats, and SuperStar O. He worked with Drew Beats for his new single titled, “Throw It”. The single is available on all digital platforms. When he isn’t recording music in the studio, Jarvo enjoys time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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