Texas Rapper L. Dot Delivers Strong Message In “Bad Parenting”

Bad Parenting 

Every parent has messed up, and it’s okay. Being a parent is never easy. There are so many right and wrong ways to raise a child. Behavior around a child can highly influence them, whether it is right or wrong. In the song, “Bad Parenting”, L. Dot talks about some of the things that most would consider a poor choice. Most would consider it to be one of the realest songs out. Millions of parents will be able to listen and find at least one or two lines relatable to them.  The single is produced by none other than Paper Beats. When asked about his favorite line of the song, he said, “ You planting seeds within a seed to where I can’t tell if hostility is even wrong or right now.” He then went on to say, “Alot of things we say/do in front of kids as parents we never realize what it can influence them to do. What you plant in a child’s head can impact them forever.”The single released in 2019 and is out for download and streaming on every major music platform. The independent emcee is signed to a label known to the public as  #BARLIFE Inc which is short for: Be A Real Life Influence For Everyone.

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