MistayJay:For The Culture Interview

Outta Orbit Ent: What was your first introduction to hip-hop?

Mistajay: It had to be hearing to show on the block in NJ as a child.

Outta Orbit Ent: What does hiphop mean to you?

Mistajay: It means the freedom to express yourself and connect yourself to a wider world.

Outta Orbit Ent: What does the culture need to stand for?

Mistajay: I think Krs – One said it best Hip – hop is an intelligent movement

Outta Orbit Ent: How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop? If you could change anything what would it be?

Mistajay: Looking at two different levels of the game commercial level always have a question mark by it because of the lack of balance the indie scene on a whole is very promising. As far as changing anything in the game I would like to see all radio take couple hours of each day to dedicate to indie artists.

Outta Orbit Ent: How does your music help preserve the culture?

Mistajay: That’s saying a lot but I believe it is an example of what can help save the culture simply because in the entirety of music lyrics matter.

Outta Orbit Ent: What style of hip-hop are you bringing to the table?

Mistajay: Just an emphasis on lyrics and a balance in music.

Outta Orbit Ent: Are you dropping any new projects for the new year?

Mistajay: There are to projects in the works one my solo album “One heart beat away” The Empire album “Is this where we leave you?” as well as rereleases of 5th letters Long time coming and The Empire’s “NCC Records Presents… The Empire”

Outta Orbit Ent: What’s next for you? any music videos or show dates?

Mistajay: Besides the previously mentioned releases I’m working on putting together my own shows and looking at different other opportunities if anyone is interested contact nccceo@yahoo.com for booking.

Outta Orbit Ent: How can we find you via social media?

Mistajay: @nccrecordempire on twitter NCCRecords THE Empire on FB and nccceo on IG www.empiremusiq.com

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