Arichussetts: Outta Orbit Ent Interview

Q1. When you received your first walkman, what cds or cassettes did you have?
A1. First was Walkman was radio only. I would listen to Power 92 the Phoenix hip hop station and later graduated up to getting cassettes and some early ones were Brotha Lynch, Snoop Dogg, Tha Mexikanz, Weird Al Yankovic
Q2. How big is your music colllection?
A2. My music collection is about 250 CDs
Q3. Being raised in arizona how did you first get into to east coast hip-hop?
A3. I first got into East coast hip hop in Jr High a group of kids listened to it heavy. The ones that i liked were Gang Starr, Wu Tang and Big Pun
Q4. Which has more influence on your music: East Coast or West Coast? Which one relates to you more?
A4. I feel like both East and West coast influence my music heavy because I lived on both sides and experienced both aspects so I use them both to my advantage.
Q5. How did u get the name Arichusettes?
A5. I came up with the name Arichussettes on my own being from Arizona up till age 18 and the last 14 years in Massachusetts and which has become home i wanted a name to represent both my surroundings.
Q6. How would you describe your music in 5 words?
A6. (Describe music 5 word) Not anything like anyone else
Q7. Which do you enjoy more? Freestyling or writing music?
A7. I came up freestyling more than anything but the last couple years ive become more fond of writing and coming up with concepts to create the visuals on the beat
Q8. What’s been your biggest accomplishment thus far?
A8.  My biggest accomplishment so far is putting out The Cloud and The Reign album with the legendary Block McCloud
Q9. What are you currently working on right now? any new projects in the works?
A9.  Right now im working on 3 different EPs with different MCs i rock with and have some singles dropping throughout the year including some with Slaine, Ill Bill and more with Block McCloud
Q10. DO you have any shows coming up for the people to see u live?
A10. I do shows on the regular and my next one I’m throwing with Grind Mode Cypher August 24th in Worcester MA at the Raven

And August 25th at the BeatMade Festival in Jonesboro Georgia
Q11. Where can one find Arichussettes via social media?

Check out Arichussettes (@Arichussettes):
I’m on Instagram as @arichussettes. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.
Q12. Any last tidbits or shout outs?
A12. I wanna shout out My crews Sewa Side Squad, GGSE, 4TH Quarter, Disturbia Music Group and WARecords

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