DeVinchie Motivates Listeners With Song, “Vert”




DeVinchie, formerly known as 1Hunnid00 has emerged under a new alias and is ready to conquer the rap game. The Tulsa Oklahoma representer brings something different to the rap scene with his raw lyrics. He is a lover of art, which is how he came up with his rap name, “DeVinchie”. The name was inspired by the famous artist by the name of Leonardo DeVinchi. The 27-year-old is constantly in the studio working to create his next hit single. “Vert” is his newly released single. The song is has a very positive feel to it and encourages everyone to want better, live better and to do better. It’s the perfect song to get you up and at it. The song was written and produced by DeVinchie himself. Fans all over the globe can be inspired by the lyrics in the song. The single can be streamed on all digital platforms!


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