NTO Speedy:All In Interview|@Nto_speedy

Who were your music influences growing up?  Different eras influenced me starting with Wu Tang being the earliest, The Lox, Cash money the Hot Boys, Three Six Mafia, Jay Z, Nas, Az, Dip Set, The Roc, Eminem, Boosie, Jeezy.  These were some of the people I grew up on its really too many to name I consumed a lot of music growing up.
Who are your top 5 artists to listen to and why?  Future, Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss.  Future Drake and Travis make great music sonically. Lil Wayne and Jadakiss deliver with the bars metaphors and similies.
Who would be your top 5 artists to work with and why?  Future because that’s probably been my favorite artist the past seven years.  Moneybagg Yo because he has dope content and adlibs.  Drake because he on top of the game and consistenly makes hits.  Jadakiss because he is one of the best lyricist in the game I know doing a track with him will challenge me to write my best sixteen.  2 Chainz because he got bars and is a only child and virgo like me.
How did you get the name NTO Speedy? I got the nick name Speedy from a couple older guys in my neighborhood when I was 5 after I learned how to ride my bike without the training wheels speeding down the street.  NTO is my team name so I just put the NTO in front of Speedy and made my name NTO SPEEDY.
What’s your music process like in the studio when recording? is there a routine that you have and stick to?  I go to the studio prepared when I am doing my own songs.  Studio time is not free and I havent built my own studio yet.  I write in my room and the beat tells me the content and direction I want to go with on the song.  When I do features for people I usually freestyle/punch in at the studio.
Any new projects or videos coming soon?  My EP entitled All In is coming soon along with a follow up single and video for my song Act Up which will be on the EP as wel.
What are you doing when you are not recording or performing music?  Working, travelng and spending time with my family and friends.
How can people find NTO Speedy via social media?  Nto_speedy on instagram and twitter and Nto Speedy on facebook.

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