NOW Entertainment – 478 Gang | @OfficialNOWEnt

Now Entertainment record label is based in Gordon, Georgia. The label is now offering hope to everyone, one hip-hop verse at a time. Just seven years ago, Now Entertainment was an idea in paper, formulated by two dreamers who couldn’t keep a job.

Tony M Fountain used to let Kryke Kooly sleep on his couch as they hustled in the streets. At one point Tony was cleaning the floors of a bank when Kryke tagged along. That was the day they stumbled upon the idea of Never going Off Work again. The concept was idea publishing and Tony went ahead and registered the company months later when Kryke was doing time for possession with intent to distribute.

For now, they are making new song after new song and earning a steady figure from selling real-life stories.

Cult or not, the Now Entertainment team has a date with destiny. All we have to do is watch the space charts.

Stream/Download on Spinrilla:

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