Unfinished Business Trailer

As a writer and reader of erotica, its rare that I come across a excerpt of a story like this. I was intrigued and aroused to say the least from sentence one. Be sure to buy Unfinished Business on Amazon. Link is down below.


When it came to fantasies, Jade knew exactly what she wanted. Although she had been married for over 10 years, there was just something missing. Her longtime husband Wayne wasn’t satisfying her sexual urges anymore. Between work, home with their 3 children, the spark wasn’t there, and it was no denying it. They’d go weeks without intimacy. They barely had time for oral sex. Jade and Wayne met during their sophomore year in college at LSU. Jade was taking up mass communications while Wayne was studying for the bar exam. It was March 5th of 2015, the day Wayne left their Atlanta home to be in Denver for a board meeting and a few other appointments. He was away for a week. So much took place during those days. Jade’s Mom offered to baby sit her grandchildren so she could have some alone time, which left her kid less, bored and without Wayne for seven days. Seven more days on top of the 4 weeks of not having any clitoral stimulation. She picked up her cell and called her longtime friend, Nadine. Her and Nadine are sorority sisters of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. After a few rings, her friend picked up on the other end. Jade initiated the conversation, “Nadine! Wanna go somewhere for dinner and drinks? I have a spa appointment in an hour. Let’s meet at Onyx, say 8? Okay! Bye.” Nadine agreed to dinner and drinks with her friend. She hung up the phone and ran upstairs. Once she made it to the master bedroom, she removed her shorts, letting them hit the floor, then removed her top, allowing her breasts to be free. She turned on the shower, got in and closed the glass shower door. The warm water hit her body as she lathered her towel with soap, rubbing it across her neck, then her collarbone. “Jade!!” a man’s voice rung from downstairs. Could Wayne have decided to come home early and surprise his wife? She assumed it was her husband and continued to shower. Fog and steam filled the shower, which made it hard to see through the glass door. By that time, the man arrived upstairs and in the master bathroom. He stood there for a few seconds admiring what was taking place before his eyes. Jade was showering and pleasuring herself. Soft moans were let out from the shower as she massaged her clit with two fingers while her head rested on the back of the shower wall. On the other side of the shower, the guy began to undress, removing his dirty Timberland boots, then his socks, pants and lastly, his shirt. He stumbled over one of his boots, causing noise to be made as the shoe falls over. Jade wipers the steam off the shower door and realized who it was that called her name from downstairs. Standing at merely 6 feet tall, James stood at the shower door with his erect penis swinging. Jade shouted, “James… How did you get in here?! The door was locked!” She was quite furious. She forgot that she texted James about Wayne being out of town and invited him over. This was the first time that they met after seeing each other the night of her art gallery. He said to Jade, “Apparently someone didn’t lock it. I got your text. Didn’t mean to startle you.” He grabbed Jade by the hand. “I’m hungry and can use a satisfying meal. Let me have you. Right here, right now.” James was such a gentleman, but when it came down to something he wanted, he did not let up, especially with Jade. She thought of all the times they talked on the phone and how much of a connection they developed. Jade gazed at James with the look of desire. She grabbed him by both hands, inviting him into the steamy shower with her. Once the shower door was closed, the two of them stood naked, facing each other as water hit their bodies, James grabbed the towel and began to lift one of her legs, rubbing the wet towel in between her thighs. He then took his two fingers and slid them into her sweet nectar. The look on her face said it all. She was enjoying every minute. James removed his fingers, inserting them into his mouth as he tasted her.
Letting out a moan, she asked, “How does it taste?”
James whispered, “I need more. Let me have you. Right here, right now. I wanna give it to you until you say stop. Is that alright?”
Gazing into his eyes, she answered, “Yes. Please..” James grabs Jade by her head, bringing her face close to his as he inserted his tongue into her mouth, kissing her slowly, in a way she hasn’t been kissed in a while. It was actually happening. The two of them were about to get it on finally.They kissed each other passionately as if they’d never see each other again. Still locked by the lips, James grabbed a hold of one of Jade’s thighs. He pushed them both to the back of the shower wall. He entered her with his hard goodness, thrusting with all of him, deep and hard, just as she like. Her back arches as she wraps her arms around his neck and both legs around him.Jade yelled, “Oh shit.Yes!” James continued to pound her. Being handled in this way was all that was missing in Jade’s life. She enjoyed every moment of it. As wrong as it was, it felt so right to her body. For a change, her needs as a woman were being met, by a fine man who aimed to please by any means. When it came to the language of love, James was far from inexperienced. He knew every spot to touch, kiss and caress on her body to make her weak at the knees. The temperature rose within the shower as they continue to take each other. 15 minutes, and they’re still at it, bodies stuck together like glue, connected at the hip.Time snuck away from Jade and it was already 7:20. An hour had passed and she was far from being ready for her meet up with Nadine at Onyx at 8pm. Bringing their fun to an end, James reached a climax and released in his hand as the shower water washed it away. Jade took a towel to wash up and left him the shower to wash up as she rushed to get ready. Running to the bedroom closet for clothes, her cell phone rung. She went to get her phone from the bed and answered it, and to her surprise, it’s her husband Wayne. He asked in a gentle tone, “Hey, how’s my lady?” She answered, “I’m just fine, baby. Getting ready to meet Nadine for a little girl time. How’s the trip?” Trying not to be loud, she moved around the bedroom so that James wouldn’t hear. Out of all the business trips he’s been on over the years, Wayne never called to check in on Jade, but this time, he felt he needed to keep tabs on his woman. “Oh, you know, business stuff. Looking to close a few deals before leaving. All in all, it’s going.” Wayne was such a workaholic. For 3 years, his primary focus was becoming senior partner at the firm and now that he is partner, he’s been extremely busy with case after case, board meeting after board meeting. He got so wrapped up in work that he abandoned his duties as a husband. He stopped giving Jade what she needed the most, his affection & time. Jade had become immune to it. She encouraged him and wished him luck on his trip and ending the call with an “I love you” to him. Jade had to hurry and get dressed. She silenced her phone and rushed to the closet to find an outfit to wear to Onyx. Undecided still, she went through a few dresses hung up on her side of the closet. She slipped into a red short sleeved sequin dress that revealed the back. As she admired herself in the mirror, James was finished showering and approached her from the behind. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her. He whispered in her ear, “You look good in red. Wear it.”

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