Jade River Ft. Myka 9-“Wild Ride”|@JadeRivermusic @myka9 @IStillLoveHER

jade river good lookin lady

No strangers to creating killer tracks together, Portland producer Jade River and legendary LA MC Myka 9 have been consistently bringing that LA underground sound to the world.

They come together once more to release their third single, “Good Lookin’ Lady,” from their upcoming LP.

The track stays true to the LA hip hop sound, layering Myka 9’s velvety poetical flow, reminiscent of old school raps, over Jade River’s jazzy boom bap beat. While the current trend in today’s hip hop sound often takes on a harder edge, the upbeat track eschews the hard-knocking beats that permeate the airwaves in favor of a smoother sound that perfectly matches Myk’a 9’s tale of his hip hop queen. It’s a track that subtlety takes over your body and has you nodding your head to the beat…it’s simply damn fun.

With “Good Lookin’ Lady,” Myka 9 proves once again why he is considered an icon in the LA underground scene, while Jade River continues to elevate his production. “Good Lookin’ Lady” is the perfect primer for their full length project due to drop in October.

Check out the track and grab your copy below.


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