DJ GEA(@thereaaldjgea)-Monster Vision


Dj GEA is one of the hottest club, event, mixtape djs in southern Illinois. He is a dj, producer, event specialist, graphic designer, and artist that has recorded some of the areas hottest songs. With over 20 years in music industry, GEA is destined for greatness as he goes all in, in the dj game.

He has produced and managed industry artist such as the pop it off boyz who signed to universal with their smash hit crank that batman, Courtlin Jabrae who is currently signed to E1, and host of other talented artist. Gea is now ready to impact the game from the other side of the table, by spinning hits, breaking records, pushing talent, and hit radio waves with exclusive singles.

If you are looking for a dj to not only keep the party live, but control the crowd and play hits old and new, you have found him, dj gea aka the chairman of the board is here to set the bar. His debut mixtape, which is really a album full of original bass heavy, radio ready, club hits from artist in Southern Illinois and around the world is ready to make it’s mark. Monster vision is just that, a look into the game from Dj Gea’s green eyes. If you want a tape that includes dope blends, hot songs, fire drops, crazy skits and a dj that raps on a few tracks, come get some monster vision.

Mixtape/album will be available May 12th on ALL your favorite sites

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