Chris Rivers-“Fear Of My Crown”

Watch Chris Rivers tell this chilling tale about the victims of domestic
violence in “Fear Of My Crown”.

Outsiders looking in are probably quick to believe Chris Rivers had it
easy growing up as the son of legendary rapper Big Pun. On the contrary,
Rivers witnessed a lot of turmoil inside his own family’s home, which
encouraged him to take a stand against child abuse and domestic violence
overall. Rivers decided to tackle the issue by showing his fans the harsh
reality of the victims’ everyday lives in the latest visual from his
Delorean album.

In “Fear Of My Crown,” the 23-year-old rapper tells the story of a family
who suffered from generations of domestic abuse. After witnessing his
father clobber his mother, the young boy grows up to be a splitting image
of his father and repeats the violent cycle with his young son. In the
end, his kid refuses to be a victim and actually stands up to him the way
he should’ve done decades ago.

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