​Epic Battle Episode 6: Jen(PRTF Pink) VS Tenaya 7(PRRPM)

Jen is the Pink Time Force Power Ranger and was also an officer from the year 3000 AD for the Time Force Police, which has nearly eradicated crime. 

Tenaya 7 was introduced as the Generation 7 Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot, and one of Venjix’s greatest creations. She later became known as Tenaya 15. The virus claimed to have made her to look and feel like a human, while being a warrior bent on destruction. In truth, she is a human that was modified with cybernetic enhancements, and Dillon’s long-lost sister.
Who wins? Leave in a Comment down below. 

#tenaya7 #Jen #Pink #pinkranger #powerrangers #epicbattle #prtf #prrpm #venjix #virus #vote #supersentai

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