Epic Battle Episode 4: Ken(Street Fighter) vs Lucario(Pokemon)

​Epic Battle Episode 4: Ken Masters(Street Fighter) VS Lucario(Pokemon)
This episode is a treat! We have Ken Masters from Capcom’s Street Fighter Series versus Lucario, a powerful creature from the Pokemon world.
Ken Masters is one of the original street fighter characters. His goal is to test his strength against different opponents and strives to  become  stronger with each passing day. Ken has the same fighting moves as his fellow best friens,sparring partner,and rival,Ryu. 
Lucario is an aura pokemon who can send and manipulate aura, a special energy that is manipulated by all living beings. With Mega Evolution, Lucario can evolve into Mega Lucario. 
Who will win in this unique battle between aura,fighting style, and strength? 

#streetfighter #pokemon #ken #kenmasters #lucario #capcom  #megaevolution #megalucario #sf 

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