Artist Spotlight: King P. x 8 Fifty Nine ENT


A revolutionary, street artist known as King P. is quickly becoming a buzz in the ears of Kentucky and the south collectively. The 8 Fifty Nine ENT General has began his reign with the smash hit “Rules” along side KamDoe of 8 Fifty Nine ENT.

Witty mixed with wisdom, this breaking artist will capture the souls of the wise and lead them from the streets to the kingdom. With other hits like “No No” and “Kan’t Even Find Me”, and a new album on the way titled “King Me”, we see no slack in sight for the rapper turned entrepreneur. For more info about King P. or 8 Fifty Nine ENT visit

Social/Web/Video Links

KamDoe x King P. – Rules Official video

King P. x KamDoe- NoNo Click HERE to watch “NoNo” Official Video

King P. x 8 Fifty Nine ENT- Kan’t Even Find Me [iTunes Link0(

Official Website



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