Rising Buffalo Rapper Saint Soprano Releases Impressive New  Single “4 The Flex” off Debut Album – “Phantom of The Opera”

NEW YORK, NY (August 6, 2017

) –Straight from the streets of Buffalo comes a rising independent hip hop artist taking over the industry.  David McKithen aka Saint Soprano presents enough heart and soul to be heard, and to be respected in the music industry. Saint Soprano’s latest single, “4 The Flex”, is a testament to his optimistic outlook and his will to rise above. Saint Soprano is a name you can’t forget; a name that is pipped to be the new buzz word among the up and coming hip-hop circles. 

Saint Soprano has his musical aspirations down pat, and he is ready and hungry to knock over the competition. Like many musical talents, breaking through to the other side has not been easy. Saint has pushed his way through the trials and challenges of his musical destiny. But despite the rocky path along the way, he has never yielded to his unfortunate circumstance.

Look out for his debut album “Phantom of The Opera” which will be released soon. 

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