Epic Battle 2: Zen Aku(PRWF) VS Deker(PRS)

After a discussion about these 2 characters I had to do another Epic Battle. I was gonna wait another week but this one I couldn’t hold. I’m an avid PR fan so I had to use 2 more characters. Who wins in this battle of evil villains: Zen Aku (PRWF) VS. Deker(PRS). Both character gave each team of rangers the fight of their lives.  Zen Aku once fought in the battle against Master Org but was cursed by the mask of Zen Aku and became an powerful Org himself. Zen And had both strength and speed advantages. He  had 3 evil zords of his own and coul evend take and control the rangers zords as well. Deker, a nighlok- human hybrid, was a skilled swordsman whose man priority was a highly skilled battle with Red Samurai Ranger. With the power and skill of his fellow sword Uramasa, Deker gave Jayden his toughest fights ever as a ranger.  So who wins in a battle, give your thoughts and opinions in the comments below:

#powerrangers #prs #prwf #samurai #wildforce #epicbattle #villains #evil #deker #zenaku #PR #combat #competition #vote

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