Showing a tireless work ethic working under his new moniker “Sayzee”, the St Catharines, Ontario Rapper drops his self titled album SAYZEE. “I’m trying to expand my sound base, playing with a variety of styles and vibes on this album that were very experimental and new to me as a artist.” Working with some of Toronto’s hottest up coming producers, the production has a razor like sharpness, with cutting snares and stomach rumbling 808’s. The features we kept to a minimum, as always, Sayzee leaves room for lyrical dexterity and melodic hooks.  “As far as doing a self titled album, I’ve always done projects that had a defined theme behind them. Like the sayer Ramone thing was Wrestling. Obviously The dragon Ball z stuff had a strong anime theme e.g.; sese -the frieza saga . I wanted to release something just being me. Not having to stick within a guideline. This was the first album that I was able to freestyle all the songs. I didn’t write any of the lyrics or hooks, it was all off top. Vibes! Having a home studio really opened up the spectrum of creativity for me as an artist” Ushering in this wave with toronto’s “New age sound” Sayzee hopes to bring his New, rawer sound into the spotlight while the world has their eyes on Toronto.

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