​French-ee Releases Explosive New Hip Hop Single Featuring Newark’s Miss NanaNana 

Toronto, Canada – Independent artist French-ee announces the release of his new single “Makin’ No Noise” featuring Miss Nana. Production credits for the new single go to celebrity hip hop producer Superstar O. Fans are able to purchase and download Makin’ No Noise on iTunes , and Amazon. French-ee is a well seasoned world traveler with many influences to his music

“When I lived in the Congo, it was all I knew, I didn’t know my country was that bad. It was normal for us to hear gunshots every day and bombs all the time. People were coming to our house, trying to rob us. When I got to North America I was amazed. There’s a whole bunch of cultures all in one. It was like paradise to me and these are some of the things that inspire my music.” – French-ee

From the mansions of the Congo to the shelters of France, on to the warm embrace of Canada, the best is yet to come from French-ee. The collaboration for Makin’ No Noise featuring Newark up and coming MC Miss Nana is just a taste of what French-ee has planned for fans listening enjoyment. Prior releases for French-ee include I’m Ready and Now or Never. Now in the process of creating his forthcoming, as-of-yet untitled full-length project, French-ee looks to add an entirely new dimension to the current state of hip-hop.

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