Artist Spotlight: Solo Jones(@SxlxJxnes)


A jack of all trades or Renaissance man whichever you chose Solo Jones is a multi-talented contributor to the culture of Hip Hop as well as entertainment industry. Credited as a song writer, Producer, Creative Director, Videographer, and web designer Solo Jones has created a brand that is synonymous with versatility and quality output.  Recording for the better part of the last decade, Solo Jones has carefully crafted his musical releases and handpicked collaborations to the tune of regard as of the ultimate bright spots on the indie scene in the tristate.   A native of the Bronx, New York, and Solo is currently working on multiple projects including two from the collective known as ARNXW which he is a member, a project by Jus Son, his own solo effort and is featured on the upcoming release from The Silent Celeb. 


Never wavering from his mission to be a part of the change that he wants to see in the Hip Hop game, Solo aims at stirring the mind of his listeners offering creative lyricism and thought provoking visual content.

“The goal is not to change the world, but to strike the mind that could. That is something that I learned from Pac. We all have a story; ultimately the question is in how you want it to be told. I’m working on the autobiography, musically.

Making music has become second nature, another notch in a long list of attributes that makes Solo Jones plainly put, dope as fuck!!! At home on stage, maybe even more than the booth he is pushing the envelope of authenticity in music.  Realizing more and more every day the power he possesses in his voice, the attention to his brand and the potential for further success before him Solo Jones remains steadfast in his work ethic seeking to gain a fan, or supporter one play at a time. Consistently dropping music, he is a fixture on the scene and will remain so after his peaks are reached.


Check out new music Simple available now via Apple Music 

IG – Solo_Jones

Twitter – @SxlxJxnes

FB – Solo Jones





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