The Worst Music Video And Song Ever Made by @DarthQaasim


Man I just have a few questions because it’s one thing to stumble across questionable soundcloud links but when an artist takes it a step further and produces and actual video for the questionable music it must be addressed. This is the worst music video and song I have ever heard in my life. Upon listening to the track I felt like I was at a funeral and the person giving the eulogy was drunk… Honestly I can’t understand a word of what this guys is saying and his delivery is so off track that it’s literally just bad.  So here are my questions..

1. Why does he look and sound like he’s high on crack?
2. Whats with the drug den in the 2nd half of the song?
3. Did he listen to the track before deciding to release it to the public?
4. Why do I feel like I took some really bad acid?
5. When is someone going to tell him that this is awful… the views alone should tell him (less than 500 )

Make a long story short. To whom it may concern this is 1 on a scale of 1-10 maybe try “trying” next time. All these “Artists” with no art.

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