Model Spotlight:Ekeilrah Shaw


*What attracted you to modeling?
Fashion and singing were always passions of mine even at a really young age. At 13 I auditioned for a talent agency who not only chose me for my singing but also chose me to model and enrolled me in a model training course for runway and commercial. It was amazing to have been chosen. Modeling is an awesome way to exhibit style, beauty, and glamour in artistic ways. To be a living work of art.

*How long has this been a career path for you?
Modeling has been a career path for me since I picked it back up in January 2015 when I was asked to model in a runway fashion show. I’ve been working at it ever since, along with other things.

*If anyone, who were your influences?
My #1 influence has always been my mother. Her style and elegance has always soared higher than most. And she has always had a runway walk. Her and my grandmother were very fashionable and designed and created customized fashion apparel. Growing up I was also influenced by some of the styles by people like Aaliyah , Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Etc. Marjorie Harvey gives me so much inspiration. And also, Ms Naomi Campbell’s amazing runway walk. And many more. Aaliyah has been quite an influence. Some of my photos have even caused me to be compared to her, but I take it as a compliment.


*What’s been your proudest/favorite moment thus far?
Walking the runway is always a favorite moment. Every opportunity to gain more experience, gain exposure, and build my portfolio is a favorite moment of mine. Being published in a magazine for the first time was an extremely proud moment.

*What’s the easiest and hardest things about modeling?
The easiest is coming up with so many ideas. I have so so many collected and ready to be brought to life. The hardest, sometimes, is getting it done; sometimes its my hair I can’t get right or my makeup, or I don’t have the wardrobe I need. But I’m working on that. Another thing about modeling that is sometimes the hardest, is finding business opportunities and exposure that will take me past being just a model. Its easy to call yourself a model, but a lot harder to prove yourself to be more than that.

*How would you describe your style?
I’m very versatile, but not too girly at all. Sometimes I like the sexy, glamorous look, maybe in a nice dress and heels. But nothing too girly. Sometimes I like a more urban, gangster look with jeans, tennis shoes, and maybe a fitted cap. Maybe something in between. I like slacks and vests. Depends on my mood or, if shooting, what I’m aiming to capture.
I love dark colors and I love being edgy and different. I try my hardest to not follow popular trends.

*Over the past year, what was your signature moment to really have a stamp of approval for your modeling career?
Again, being published for the first time was a signature moment that gave me more inspiration to keep going. It gave me a little more confirmation that I was getting closer to my goals.
I’ve really done a good bit of portfolio building over the past year. Each time I saw a finished product of each shoot, was a signature moment for me.

*What advice would you give to those that aspire to be models?
It takes hard work and determination. Though sometimes it feels like you should give up. But if you truly have a passion for it, never give up. Stay safe. Take any opportunities you can, paid or unpaid. Introduce yourself and build a network. You have to show that you have what it takes. Always put God first and remain faithful.

*How can people stay tuned to you and your work?
Check out my model page on Facebook: Ekeilrah-model & much more (

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