Snoop Dogg & The Game Lead Peaceful Protest To Speak With The LAPD


Hip-Hop veterans Snoop Dogg & The Game decide to be proactive by leading a march to the Los Angeles Police Department. The successful rally was called H.U.N.T. which stands for “Hunt Us Not Today”.

“Live and direct,” the Doggfather said in an Instagram video. “Finna get some dialogue with the LAPD, the new recruits, the graduating class of 2016. This is how you make moves, man. You make it happen. You get some dialogue, some understanding with the new recruits before they hit the streets so that way they know that we, just like them, we trying to live and go home and get some understanding, so we advise you all to do the same. Follow protocol.”

Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota were shot and killed by the police this week. Thursday five police officers were shot and killed at a rally protesting Sterling’s & Castile’s deaths in Dallas,Texas.

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