Kevin Durant Is Now A Golden State Warrior. Is That Good Or Bad For The NBA?


Kevin Durant during the NBA Playoffs had an amazing run. They defeated a veteran championship team in the San Antonio Spurs. They had a  3-1 series lead on the Golden State Warriors before Steph Curry & Crew made an awesome comeback to defeat OKC in 7 games. NBA analysts considered this OKC team going into next year to be one that would be back in the Western Conference Finals next year based off of their success in the playoffs. Even their off season trades were legit by bringing Oladipo from Orlando and Al Horford from Atlanta. There were talks of Durant going to the Warriors even back in the regular season but for it to actually happen is way too good to be true. The Warriors projected starting lineup will be the Splash Brothers(Curry & Thompson) in the back court, Iguadola at SF, Kevin Durant playing PF, and lastly Draymond Green as their Center. Is this a great move? Personally I could careless but I would say for the NBA yes. Look at how much attention and uproar this has gotten. With King James winning his 3rd NBA title and Steph Curry being the “Golden Child” face of the league, someone has to play the role of the villain. A role both Duran and Draymond Green will both share based off of his antics throughout this year’s NBA playoffs. KD was a free agent that could go anywhere he wanted. He chose the best team that he felt could “lead” him to a title. In this very time and moment is it great? Not really. From a PR perspective he is taking the same dive i that LeBron took when he went to Miami. Naturally, OKC fans are in ruins. Durant talked about being their till he retired. He provided so much to that city on & off the court. LeBron was able to bounce back after he won 2 NBA titles in Miami and went to 4 straight NBA Finals. Does this ruin his legacy? Time will tell. If he wins like the best player in the league was able to do, then this will be looked at just another “decision” that was made on a journey to win a ring.

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