Artist Spotlight: Strike Team

Who is Strike Team?

Strike Team is a hip hop group based out of Big Island Hawaii


How long has the group been established?

the group was created on February 12th 2016

Who makes up Strike Team?

the group is made up of DG Clip AK The Ghost and Kat Katalyst

How did you guys meet & form the group? Whats the story behind that?

They first met each other when DG Clip was promoting the 313 808 Connect Gang best in the underground mixtape series and AK and Kat inboxed him on facebook wanting to get there track on that led to talks of coming to DG Clips studio to record some features and they decided to form a team

What’s new? Any new projects to look out for? Tell us about it! 

The Blood Money mixtape is the groups first effort however DG Clip has multiple mixtapes out and is currently working on his new solo project Immortal and AK The Ghost has his Sink or swim mixtape about to go into production they both should be ready later in the year

If you could work with any mainstream artist and producer who would you choose and why?
Collaborating with Mobb Deep or the Wu Tang Clan would be awesome even Bone Thugs n Harmony or Gangstar,Redman, Jadakiss, or Slaughterhouse

What are some things that people may not know about Strike Team?? 

Strike Team is about hip hop as an art form and staying true to what it was founded on instead of what the mainstream is focused on
Any upcoming tours or shows?
We currently have some shows in the planning stages including a couple tours
Describe your style! 

Strike Teams style fits more in with the 90,s era of rap that east coast west coast kind of flow but we do it over beats that fit into whats hot today as well as back then so we give everyone the best of both worlds


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