G&B(@ghettoandblues)-On The Block feat. Maino


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Ghetto & Blues, formerly known as The Product G&B, is  R&B Duo made up of Sincere Gubano and Marvin Moore. The melodic Duo was once Protégés of Wyclef Jean and affiliated with the Refugee Camp, as well as a part of Clive Davis’s Jay Records roster. After their debut in 1998, Sincere and Marvin Moore have lent their vocals to numerous tracks and have aided the success of several singles and albums.

Ghetto & Blues is now back with their new single On The Block featuring hip hop artist Maino. On The Block  is available 4/12/2016 on all digital formats.

“On The Block is about what is going on today in the inner city neighborhoods” states Gubano.  “With all the that is going on with the police and Black Lives Matter, On The Block gives in site to what is going on in the hood, because we both have been on the block says” Moore. This gritty tune was produced by super producer Jerry Wonda.  The  EP Ghetto & Blues is slated for an early summer release.



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