Vyrgo(@Vyrgos_World)-Like This(NEW SINGLE)












Manager Drae Jackson Says VYRGO Along with A list of female rappers and women known for their skills on the mic. Since the early days of hip-hop, women have taken a large part in crafting the genre’s overall tone and sound. Though hip-hop music is commonly associated with misogynist lyrics and a glorification of male-exclusive camaraderie, there have always been women taking part as well, off-setting this attitude with a steely, seen-it-all perspective of their own. VYRGO taps back into the strong independent world of sisterhood and that the fact strong women really does exist in this new world order. Check her out, HER NEW EP WILL BE RELEASING VIA 6103MC MID LATE SUMMER , WITH some powerful producer heads collaborated by what DRAE JACKSON DOES BEST WITH some already established vets in the game. get ready,”DRAE JACKSON says, IT’S ABOUT TO BE AN AMAZING VYRGO SEASON TO REMEMBER…. info 404-667-7611- 6103info@gmail.com

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