Q&A with Model Jai Love(@IamJaiLove)



What attracted you to modeling?

My family and friends attracted me to modeling. Someone would always compliment me on how great of shape I’m in or would always ask what could they do to have a body like mine, I just figured why not put what God gave me to use. People doubted I could play basketball and model. I love to prove people wrong.


How long has this been a career path for you?

I started to finally take modeling serious in November on 2015.


If any,who were your influences?

The main person that influenced me was my friend Ariana Polk who runs track at Lincoln University PA. It was October 2013, when everyone use to think I was joking about modeling. Ariana was the only one that took me serious and pushed me to start. Once I started she made sure I didn’t quit, no matter the circumstances and I appreciate her for that motivation 2 almost 3 years ago.


What has been your proudest/favorite moment thus far?

My proudest moment was my first photo shoot. I was so nervous and scared, that my mind was all over the place. After the shoot was over, I was so excited and proud of myself that I was thinking about texting my photographer that same night asking for my photos the next morning. That’s how excited I was. Lol. Now I’ve learned that patience is the key to success.


What are both the easiest and hardest things about modeling?

Easiest thing about modeling is picking out the outfits. I love fashion and love to dress up my friends like they are Barbie Dolls. So that’s the easy part. The hardest thing about modeling to me is making sure your doing the right poses, Making sure your facial expressions are okay, your head is tilt just right or your posture is perfect.



How would you describe your style?

I will chose comfy over looking cute any-day, anytime, mainly because I am an athlete, but when I have to look cute I am a totally different Jai. I am a chill person.



Over the past year, what was your signature moment to really have a stamp of approval for your modeling career?

I am still waiting on that moment. I’ve had nice moments but that big moment that everyone gets I am still waiting on. Hopefully that will be soon. I’m in the running for VIVA GLAM SUPERMODEL so hopefully that will be my big break!!


Outside of modeling,what are your other interests or hobbies? What other avenues are you wanting to explore?

I am a college basketball player and I am studying business management. Someday I want to manage someone, whether it’s sports, modeling etc.


What advice would you give to those that aspire to be models?

Don’t give up! Don’t let someone tell you, your not pretty enough or you can’t do two things at once. Stretch your goals out as FAR as you can and take the journey!! You are beautiful, but beauty starts within yourself. When you put your mind to something don’t stop, yes your going to have moments where you want to give up, but I promise the reward at the end is so worth it.



How can people stay tuned to you and your work?

Social media is becoming the next cornerstone for everything. My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will have everything on it. I am currently working on my website right now and eventually that will be done. I am hosting events and different functions so I’ll be around.


Twitter: @iamjailove

Instagram: @iamjailove


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