D.C. Da Beast(@DCDABeast215)-Fix Ya Face Hosted by DJ 2 Short

Hailing from Philadelphia PA, ThuroBred D.C Da Beast releases his long anticipated mixtape “Fix Ya Face” hosted by DJ 2 Short. The project features Lyfeofadon, Zig Zag, Veez Da Poet, Izze Country, Sub Major, & Dubbz Demayo of T.B.C as well as Vodka, Slaughter Rico, MadFace, 3t3n, Bliss Creed, Ace Leone, & CKA. On the production side is Slapaholic, Flatline Beats, E Money, Rob Lo, Superstar O, A.M.O, & More. It touches on the street life while bringing back the essence of 90’s Hip-Hop – “G Rap”.

Mixtape Link:  http://piff.me/20ca24a

Social Media 

Twitter: @DCDaBeast215 – 


Instagram: @DCDaBeastSP – 


Facebook: D.C Da Beast – 


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