Q&A with SeSe(@SeSeSeason)

sese 2Canadian hip-hop artist has been doing music for years. Ever since he dropped The Frieza Saga back in August, his career has taken a whole new level of power. In this exclusive interview, we speak on the project and how he looks to take it to the next level for the 2016 and beyond.

It’s been crazy since you dropped The Frieza Saga back in August. What were your expectations for it when working on the project?

A- yea super crazy. My expectations were not any higher then it was for any other of the projects I’ve released. I mostly just get an idea in my head. Bring it to life and put it out. But The outcome was very different this time around 


It’s not too often in Hip-Hop that we see and hear anime references the way you are doing it. How did the DBZ theme come about? How much of a fan were you of the series?

A-  me and the squad were watching the most lit dragon ball z battles one day …Goku and FRIEZA , gohan vs cell you know. And it came to us how similar dragon ball z was to the rap world. How every rapper is tryin to power up and be the strongest fighter (rapper) in the world. And was like “you know what, I’m doing this” 


What has the feedback been like from both anime and hip-hop fans?


A- I’ve gotten crazy feedback. Good and bad. Some kid told me his life was complete after the Firenze saga dropped. That he had been waiting for a real artist to do some DBZ shit. But I’ve been hated too lol some ppl said I wasn’t enough of a “nerd” to do this or that I’m wave riding

Do you feel that you have sparked a new trend for anime rap?

A- naw. There’s a lot of artists doing the anime rap. But I defiantly put a spin on things be writing from the perspective of the super villain. Haven’t seen anybody really embody an anime character to that extent. 


The Cell Saga just dropped this past week. What was the difference in preparation between this and The Frieza Saga?

-yea I try to approach every album with a different mind state. That shit is most likely due to the different places I’m at in life at any given time. Sometimes up sometimes down 


A lot of samples from the actual series are in the tracks. Is that your influence or the producers? How did you decide on which ones you wanted to use?

A- oh yea I reached out to a lot  of producers I had a relationship with, and some the beats were just submitted by producers who knew what I was looking for by listening to the FRIEZA saga 



Canada is on fire musically. The masses know Drake of course along with The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, and Melanie Fiona. What’s it like for the country to get this kind of notoriety? How does that affect the independent artist?

A- it’s a crazy boost in motivation. It’s actually possible to come out of Toronto and dominate the industry. We’ve seen it done. 


How would you describe your music to someone who is listening to your music for the very first time?

You pride yourself on your lyrical ability. Why is that so? What is it about creative wordplay that fuels you?

A- I would say my music authentic and very conceptual. I’m big on the themes and concepts. I pride myself on lyrics. Always been a lyrical artist. But at the same time You have to give them something that is digestible. I’m tryin to find a balance. 


Is there an artist rather it be major or independent that you would like to work with. Who and Why?


A- OVO.  Cause @OvoSese looks dope lol 


What is next up for SeSe for 2016? Are there any more projects in the works? If so when can we be expecting them?

A- Yea we bout to drop the buu saga next. Trilogy. We spaced each project out 4 months apart. So it’s been a lot of work 


Do you have any shows coming up soon?

 A- I actually just came home from headlining a west coast Canadian tour. I’m chilling for a bit. Gotta hit the lab and build. 

How anime and music fans keep up with SeSe online?

A- @SeseSeason on mostly everything. Google me I’m



Any final words or thoughts before ending the interview?


A- Bless for hitting me up for the interview much love to the world !!! 

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