Chox-Mak(@Chox_Mak910)-#YouAintKillin(You Aint No Killer Freestyle) Featuring I.L.L.

Chox-Mak has been getting ready to go back on the road and ready to take 2016 by the horns.Last week he received some disturbing news that his long time friend and mentor Khalil “I.L.L.” Gates had passed away.Chox thought it was only right to put out this unreleased freestyle paying homage to the “910 Legend”.Its a sad time in Chox’ life and this track shows the chemistry the two mcs had together and is hard hitting with punchlines which is both these MCs fortay.They chose the late Big Pun’s “You Aint No Killer”instrumental to show their frustrations with “wack rappers” and fake  ones as well.I.L.L will definitely be missed but he will live on thru family,friends, and most of all his passion Hip Hop. 

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