Artist Spotlight: Blues/Jazz artist Raymond C. Dickerson(@RaymondCDicke)

ray charles dickens


The Man behind the music

Raymond C. Dickerson, a retired US Army officer, served his country proudly for 27 years. Prior to retirement, he served as the project officer and course manager/developer of the Signal Officer Captains Career Course Reserve Component as part of 442nd Signal Battalion Officer Education Division at Fort Gordon, GA. Colonel Dickerson has always been a top notch administrator who has a lot of passion and love for his family and the community. “Once you place your faith in God, and he becomes the leader of your life and your reward in the end will be success”. After 27 years of dedication to the United States Armed Forces, to his children, family, and to the many soldiers that he has met and assisted around the world, Colonel Dickerson used the advice of his parents and their concept of hard work and ethics to inspire others. Colonel Dickerson has dedicated himself and made a commitment to various military, national and world charities. His passion for people and loyalty to the community has inspired him to write and produce his latest music project “Epiphany”. Because of his efforts to support and give back to the communities nationwide, Colonel Dickerson love for music has inspired him to produce the chart buster “Epiphany”, with vocal performances by: Andrea Rhodes, Pam Lyles, Gilda Llamas, Pam Bowman, and Evelyn Ballard and production assistance from Mike Schanabel, Fred Nation Steve Wilson, Steve Cheeks, Rod Nickerson and Pershing Wells The “Epiphany” CD is laced with smooth jazz, inspirational ballads, soulful solos and driving rhythms. The songs from the CD are based on the life experiences of Lt. Colonel Dickerson which provided him intuitive perception into the essential meaning of those specific events in his life. In one of the songs on the CD, “New Angel, “he expresses his emotions in dealing with the loss of his nephew, Reginald David Bolin to cancer. 25% of the proceeds of the sale of the CD “Epiphany” will be divided between St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Songs released by Command and Control from the CD “Epiphany”, has hit the charts with a very good club response in both the Chicago and Los Angeles markets. They have also had more than a 55% pick up on AAA and secondary markets. The song “A Song for Mama” also broke the Atlantic Satellite 2500 buyers’ market guide posting at 2376 within three weeks. Command and Control’s “Epiphany”, is making a huge impact on the industry of music and as it hits the world by storm. 

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