Chox-Mak(@Chox_Mak910)-Wonderful(Prod by @BuntyBeats)

With 2016 well under way North Carolinas next out, Aka ya boy Chox-Mak comes through with some fresh boom bap tunes. “Wonderful” the next cut off of the album ‘SOUL’  in progress with The U.Ks Bunty Beats is nothing short of the classic 90sFlow hip hop you have come to know and respect of Chox-Mak thus far in his career, and if this is your first time hearing him welcome to the party. Chox weaves his magic over Bunty’s tight scratching/production giving you the listener a shining example of what to expect when the full album is dropped.

With a Texas tour coming up this March with dates lined up for SXSW, Chox-Mak has effortlessly kept the torch lit and continued to solidify his position as a real one in hip hop game full of fake ness. Letting everyone know that everything in 2016 will be Wonderful.

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