Artist Spotlight: L.H.(@LDotHDot)

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Lionheart is L.H.—a hip hop artist and performer from the south and west sides of the city of Chicago. Lionheart grew up listening to West Coast rappers like Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube and NWA as well as rap from the Dirty South like Houston’s Scarface, and Hot Boys from New Orleans. Make no mistake though, Lionheart is solid Midwest and he represents Chicago. Even so, Lionheart has ambition and a goal to breakout beyond the confines of the Windy City’s gritty streets. He doesn’t just want to become a great writer of rhymes—he wants to be the greatest lyricist of all time.

Lionheart draws much of his inspiration from God and family as well as a genuine love and appreciation of rap music. He’s committed to the words as well as the beats. As a writer, he thinks out of the box which makes his music stand out in a world full of cookie cutter MCs. As L.H. says, “What makes my music unique is my unique voice mixed with picture painting lyrics. I want you to feel my passion with every song while also being entertained.”

L.H. gets by with a little help from his friends, like Hardboiled and J.Ross. It is through the mutual respect of his peers and the collaborations among them that allows L.H. the opportunity to continue to develop his game. He works hard at every song. No track is a throw-away and there’s no such thing as filler when he goes to work. He uses everything at his disposal from trappish beats to samples of classic hip hop. Lionheart works on his hooks and he likes to hook the females with his sly rhymes. He’ll make your head bob too. While Lionheart doesn’t mind giving props to the hip hop artists who’ve inspired him, like fellow Chicagoans: Twista, Common and Lupe Fiasco, as he grows as a performer, he prefers to let his own experiences in life, as well as his personality, influence his music. Hip hop is his heart though, and that will always shine through.






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