Q&A with R&B Singer Amiah(@AmiahMariee)






Chicago R&B Singer Amiah is buzzing right now in the Windy City. Her latest track “Crazy” is gaining reviews and traction everywhere. We get an exclusive interview with the rising star talking about her influences, her latest success, and what we can expect from her in 2016.

1Q: Raised on the Southside of Chicago, what was your childhood like? How important was music in your upbringing?

1A: My childhood was lovely I actually miss it. My mom and grandparents were my everything. / Music was all my mom listen too and I was always trying to sing everything she played. I always hid my voice never wanting to sing in front of people.


2Q: When did you begin singing and writing? Is there a particular song that sparked your interest into music? Do you remember the first song you wrote and performed?

2A: I started singing when I was young but began to take things serious when I was in high school and I recorded my first song Hard work it’s still on you tube. / Alicia Keys Falling was the song that interest me the most I loved the melody. / The very first song I wrote was Therapy in 2014


3Q: Who are your inspirations musically that you look up to as an example to help better your craft?

3A: Lauren Hill Erykah Badu and Jill Scott are my inspirations The fact that they each have there own unique style of singing is what I aim to stay focus on being original.


4Q: How would you describe your music to a first time listener?

4A: I would describe my music as Love and about what I’m feeling at that moment but will never be negative it’s enough of that type of music out already. I want to focus more on the happy side of life.


Amiah Picture



5Q: You’ve seen a lot of success last year. Which one was the best moment for you?

5A: My best moment of last year was being on the GTS (Gr8er than Self) Tour with Erik Sycosis and Ldorado Jonez these guys believed and me and I thank them so much for giving  me the opportunity.


6Q: You opened up for Ray J at his birthday party. How did that opportunity come about? What was that experience like for you?

6A: I was picked from performing at a showcase. I really enjoyed the experience and was bless to have the opportunity of meeting him.


7Q: You also have booked your first show outside of the country. Congrats on that. What does being international mean for your music?

7A: I’m really excited to be taking my music to another level so being international means expansion for me. I want my music to reach millions.


8Q: People outside of Chicago tend to know only about the drill music. What is the R&B/Soul scene like in the city? Do you feel the tide is starting to change and balance to a more equal playing field?

8A: I’m really excited to be taking my music to another level so being international means expansion for me. I want my music to reach millions.


9Q: Artists like Jeremih, Tink, Ann Marie, and others have been able to breakthrough with their music. Do you hope to have the same kind of impact?

9A: Impact yes and I want to go as far as God takes me. I put no limits on myself


10Q: LawBeatz has worked with so many artists in Chicago. How did the two of you link and connect together on your records?

10A: I met LawBeatz through a mutual friend and since then he has produced all my songs.



amiah crazy cover




11Q: Your latest song “Crazy” is getting major looks and positive reviews everywhere. How does it feel for to see your music get this kind of feedback and attention?

11A: I’m humbly taking it all in and realizing the sky is the limit with consistency and persistence it can only go further.



12Q: On your blog, I saw where you did a Calvin Klein photoshoot. How did that shoot come about? Was that your first time modeling for a brand? Do you see yourself doing more modeling in the future?

What future project(s) do you have coming for 2016?

12A: The Calvin Klein Shoot was spur of the moment and Yes I will do further modeling if my schedule allow it but my First Passion is my  music. 2016 I have my Ep dropping titled “1am” and the video for “Crazy will be released in March.


13Q: How can the people keep track of Amiah online via social media?

13A: Please Follow me on Facebook Amiah

Instagram: Amiah.mm

Twitter: Amiahmariee






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