Fashion Spotlight: Purple & Chrome(@PurpleandChrome)

Purple & Chrome
Over the years, I have grown fond of fashion especially those from independent creators and designers. This is more felt in the graphic tee & urban wear arenas. On my twitter, I came across this New York brand called Purple and Chrome. Their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer wear looks awesome. Great designs and concepts. I love the logo. This black owned fashion business is looking up as they have opened up a new showroom in Harlem. Read their synopsis below.
PURPLE & CHROME is a streetwear clothing company
that embodies the true essence of streetwear.
Unlike [enter your favorite brand] we are not here to “change the game of fashion with
unique, high fashion style and design” …whatever that means.
We are here to express the greater consciousness of the people!
PURPLE & CHROME is our form of expression.
Many people write poetry, some paint pictures, and others sing songs. We… make clothing.


Loving life and everything in it.
Being strong and tough enough to deal with the ills, contradictions, and bullshit that comes along with it.
Never Trade Your Soul:
At the same time being yourself and never changing for anybody or anything.
Challenge everything!  Question everything! Never Trade Your Soul.
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