Artist Spotlight-Haley Smalls(@HaleySmall)

haley smalls.jpg




Haley Small is a singer/songwriter/engineer and in other words, a young force to be reckoned with.

With music pumping through her veins since she was 5-years-old and her foot in the industry from the young age of 10-¬years-¬old, Haley has now made her way into working with Grammy Award winning & nominated Producers such as Megaman, Boi 1DA, Chuck Harmony, Harvey Mason Jr, The Monarch, & Roc City, & The Phatboiz, alongside her management team Ebony Sons (DTP).

Haley’s classically trained voice, distinctive mainstream sound, and noticeable R&B influence make Haley one of the most intriguing up and coming young artists out of Toronto.

After spending months at a time in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn, New York working on her craft, networking, and benefitting from the many talented producers and writers she’s been able to collaborate with in such music hubs, Haley has a unique collection of influences that makes her musicality different.

Earlier this year, Grammy award¬ winning and multi-¬platinum selling artist Beyonce Knowles shared one of Haley’s Youtube videos on her Facebook page, stating that she “loved it”. Since then the video has reached over one million views and is still growing. This has contributed
greatly to her social media presence online.


Take a listen to her latest mixtape Imagination.







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