Bunty Beats(@BuntyBeats) & Chox-Mak(@Chox_Mak910)-“Mistakes”



Regardless of the time of year there is always music to be made. Taking the time to utilize every bit of 2015, #90sFlow champ Chox-Mak adds one more lyrical barrage to add to the running track listing for his release ‘Soul’ with UK producer extraordinaire Bunty Beats. The final offering of 2015 entitled “Mistakes” is nothing short of Chox’s best, and is a fitting finale to a year that is making 2016 look even brighter. When the production quality and lyrical quality line up you get a duo like Chox & Bunty; this track is the essence of what Chox is bringing to a music industry table that is over saturated with a good deal of fakeness, and its hard to deny that a crisp hi-hat/snare/kick pattern and dope stories being told over them is long overdue for its re-taking of the throne.
You don’t feel how I feel when I’m in the booth, learn from mistakes boy I’m living proof.”

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