Ch0x-Mak(@Chox_Mak910)-Thirst(Prod by @BuntyBeats)

He isn’t finished yet! Even though an album has just dropped on December 5th  ( #90sFlowLives) Chox-Mak turns around and drops a sic #90sFlow cut “Thirst” produced by the homie Bunty Beats which is 3rd track in a series of releases(“Problem“, “Soul“, “Thirst”) on their way to being dropped as an album. With Bunty as usual brining a rugged, and raw beat for Chox to put in work on talking about his drive and “Thirst” to keep this #90sFlow vibe around forever. With a new year on the horizon the final pieces to this hip hop puzzle cant some soon enough. #90sFlowLives #Thirst
To further support Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats, Buy the single below via BandCamp.

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