Chox-Mak(@Chox_Mak910)-#90sFlowLives via @FleetDJs & @DJ_Profluent








As busy as any year could be for an artist , 2015 was just as busy as it was good for North Carolina mc Chox-Mak.

With a growth in his musical catalogue skyrocketing with consistent solid verse after solid verse being released as the year progressed, and as Chox-Mak expanded his physical presence not onl y in his home state but across more than half of the country there can be no more of a perfect time to release a well thought out album both musically an d lyrically as now.

#90sFlowLives is a culmination of work over the past few years broken down into 5 solid tracks that not only represent Chox-Maks tal ent l, but that also highlights his growth as an artist within the boom bap community. With 2015 rapidly coming to a close having a such a strong musical project to end the year can only speak to the year he is going to have come 2016. Be as ready as we are for what is to come very soon, but always remember #90sFlowLives

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