Artist Spotlight: Young Grenade






Otavius “Young Grenade” Settles currently the COO of Executive Recordings, CEO/owner of High Class Music Group, and member of the Management team at Cashville Records, was born with music in his blood. The grandson of the legendary gospel singer Walter Settles, Otavius was destined to be a star. Young Grenade, as known to many, is a music engineer, songwriter, and producer.

After high school, Young Grenade completed a musical internship with Belmont University, where he got to work with country music star Alan Jackson. Young Grenade has attended numerous workshops and seminars pertaining to the music industry. A man of many talents, he also graduated from International Barber and Style College in 2009 with his degree in Master Barber.

Young Grenade can be heard featured on several talented Tennessee artist albums and mix tapes. To name a few: Tha City Paper, Young Buck, Low Pro, Sound Squad, and Lord Sauce, Sandwichbag Committee, DJ 2Real, DJ Trap, and DJ Bravo. As well as his own albums Celebrity Me vol. 1 & 2.

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