Artist Spotlight: Frederick Dare

frederick dare







Frederick Dare Brockington was born in Hampton, VA to Mamie Ruth and Richard Brockington. Frederick Dare (the baby) born into a Pentecostal religious family of seven brothers and six sisters and yes with the same parents. To be exact the address where this family developed was 332 Catalpa Ave, Hampton, VA 23661. Dare’s mother worked at a local seafood plant and his father was a supervisor for the City of Hampton. They supported their family very well. The family was so huge a lot of Frederick’s older sisters and brothers were already married with established homes and families of their own before he was the age of three. But they were always together at family and church events. Even though this family had its ups and downs life was good.


God and Music

Mother Mamie made sure Frederick and his siblings attended church services. God was the anchor of the family and Mamie made sure that all her children knew that God and prayer would keep them safe all of their lives. The church and the neighborhood cherished the Brockington family and was always welcomed over for some good southern cooking and conversation. Every member of the family could sing and many times during cookouts and special gatherings a song would breakout, or a neighborhood concert would erupt. It was a way for them to release their talent and spirit. Frederick listened to gospel music at an early age. He often mimicked the gospel singers that he listened to and realized he had a singing talent himself. During his adolescence he would always create songs and play them on the family organ. Frederick also sung in the church choir at the Church of Jesus, He and the church choir sung every Sunday and traveled locally to different churches where they always received accolades for their anointed performances. Simultaneously, Frederick was a member of the Hampton High School Capella Chorus. He then moved on to writing and recording at local studios.

The Burn

The baby of this large family suffered a major traumatic event at the age of two. Being the typical child he was venturing through the kitchen of the family home with his toys and spilled over a pot of boiling water. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his injuries. The hospital staff did not think he was going to survive this event. His mother and father, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and church friends gathered around and prayed for Frederick’s life. After many days and nights of prayer he survived. God spared his life for a purpose! He was left was severe scars on his chest and arms, and these scares would remain with him for the rest of his life. As Frederick got older he found himself making excuses regarding his burns to new friends and acquaintances. The burns caused his a lot of anxiety when around individuals that he did not know. He would only wear shirts with collars and long sleeves. He still suffers from the anxiety of being accepted for the scars that he carries.


The older Frederick got it seems his anxiety impacted his ability to perform in front of individuals. He loved to write and record his music but the thought of performing in front of a live audience was a nightmare. All this negative energy stemmed from his childhood traumatic event. It was not until he was working towards his master’s degree and was in a group therapy course where he was asked to reveal a secret about himself and he discussed the burn and how this has kept him from achieving a lot of things the he wanted in life especially performing. He was asked at the next group course to wear a collarless shirt. He was enlightened by his colleagues that they did not focus on his scars but on him as a person and it did not hurt that he was handsome.

Frederick Dare’s Message in his Music


Frederick Dare’s music captures the human experience. His message focuses on having a relationship with God, yourself, family and friends, and music. During the human experience there is going to be heartache, death, happiness, joy, pain and the list could go on and on. No one is exempt from any of these emotions. His latest album God, Music, and Therapy incorporates all his relationship with God, the power of therapy in changing negative cognitions, and music as a mood enhancer. God, Music, and Therapy and all other songs by Frederick Dare can be purchase on of email for more information.

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