Artist Spotlight: MiilkBone(@MiilkB)


MiilkBone is a Naughty By Nature affiliate who as a lyricist has reached Billboard Chart success.
He re-emerges on the scene with collaborations from current chart topping artists as he repositions
himself to dominate the charts once again.As a dope MC he relies less on gimmicks & rap news about his beefs with Eminem & instead delivers hard hitting rhymes that satisfy the most avid Hip-Hop fan. Miilkbone has had a storied career. He signed a record deal with Capitol Records in 1994 and released his debut album, Da’ Miilkrate on June 21,1995. The album featured two singles, “Keep It Real” and “Where’z da Party At?” Both of which became minor hits on the Billboards charts. “Keep It Real” ended up turning into one of the biggest classic freestyle templates of all time with a young Jay Z & Big L giving their all on the instrumental.After a four year hiatus, Miilkbone resurfaced in 1999, appearing on Death Row Records’ Chronic 2000 compilation. Two years later, he released his second album, U Got Miilk? (through Light-year Ent / Warner Bros).In less than one year, since his return, he has recorded well over 200 records and amassed collaborations from industry veterans. The respect for his lyricism has brought forth songs with The Game, Black Rob, Royal, Uncle Murda, Chino XL, Fred the Godson, Skrewtape, and remixes with Rich Homie Quan – some of which are getting major buzz on the underground scene with just minimal plays from the few DJ’s that he has leaked the material to. Miilkbone is seasoned artist who is ready to climb the charts once again.

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