Q&A with King Tate(@DaReal_KingTate)


  1. What was your childhood like growing up?

Growing up in West Helena AkA HellTown I stayed in trouble fighting among other things. West Helena is literally like a much smaller version of Chicago growing up the other nickname for my city was Baby Chicago it’s very dangerous!!!! My hood as a child is called The New Edition as I got older I moved to N.5th AkA Baghdad where I learned a lot like Gangbanging, Smoking, Selling Drugs I got my first tattoo at like 11 years old I never came in when the street lights came on I wasn’t your average kid I was always a basketball player to this day I still get it in on the court I was 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th grade playing school ball high as hell at practice lol I’ve seen just about everything under the sun except death!

  1. What are your first memories of listening to music as a child? When did you begin to listen to hip-hop?

Aw man im a 90’s baby so I listened to all kinds of music growing up but of course rap was my music of choice at a very young age I could listen to a song just a couple times and recite it word for word my mama will tell u! But I’ve been listening to hip hop since I was old enough to remember I’m straight out the ghetto so that was everybody music of choice so rap it was.

  1. In your bio you stated artists like Drake and Kevin Gates as being major influences? Why them and are there anymore artists who you feel the same way about?

I’ve been a fan of Drake since about 2009 im a very intelligent dude so I like to listen to intelligent music that I can learn and grow from and drake is the definition of that him and Kevin Gates in my opinion are two of the most versatile rappers in the game today im a punchline metaphor in your face type of rapper and they both remind me of myself even though drake isn’t a gangster that doesn’t take anything away from his talent. And gates made me a fan after his mixtape STRANGER THAN FICTION since then I’ve been keeping up with his every move! He is a struggle rapper so I can relate to him as much as any rapper he is also a very intelligent and in your face type of rapper. I also like Starlito Joker and I recently became a fan of Montana of 300 dude bars is RETARDED!

  1. When did you make your start as a recording artist? What were the difficulties and/or obstacles that you had to overcome?

I made my start as a rapper last June which is a little over a year now! To be honest there weren’t many obstacles or difficulties getting started the hardest part was just DOIN IT! Rapping comes to me as easy as breathing not being arrogant or cocky at all I’ve just always had a way with words and I’ve lived the life to be able to have a DAMN GOOD story to tell! U know what makes it even easier? Im not lying in my rhymes if I rap it I’ve done it or will do it don’t get me wrong I’ve been in sum very serious situations where I’ve had to do things that could put me away for a VERY long time but one thing I will never do is tell on myself I won’t let them BOBBY SHMURDA me!!


  1. Since you began doing music, in what areas have you seen yourself grow as an artist?

since I’ve started rapping I’ve seen my songwriting skills grow at a very fast pace im really starting to master the craft from my hooks to my flow to my delivery etc I just get better with time and just gone keep getting better and better!

  1. Arkansas gets overlooked when it comes to hip-hop and just music overall as a whole. What is the music scene like in your city and state?

Well I stay in Little Rock, but I consider West Helena MY CITY so I say it’s a lot of talent in my city but just not enough opportunities and for my state as a whole it’s not enough teamwork everybody so focused on SELF they’re missing the big picture which is putting our STATE on the map and in the music scene

  1. What has been your most accomplished feat thus far?

By accomplished feat im pretty sure you mean major feat I don’t have any major feat YET but I do have a few local feat from up and coming rappers such as myself but I would love to get a feat from GATES DRAKE or DOLPH. My album consists mostly of myself I have 2 features on 1 song and the rest is all me!

  1. You have an album (Murder 4 Hire) & a mixtape (ManSlaughter) in the works. Tell us about the project and what we can expect to hear from them.

Ok well first off Murder 4 Hire drops on ITunes Halloween Day I promise it’s gone be off the chain! Murder 4 Hire is exactly what it sounds like me killing track after track after track while giving everybody a little insight on my life story and my day to day struggles and it’s very explicit/violent so it’s not for the weak minded or the easily influenced! Manslaughter I haven’t come up with an official release date but just expect the murder to keep getting worse I will have more features on this mixtape though.

  1. Do you have any shows or performances coming up?

Im working on getting some shows booked and done now when I do perform its gone be epic im going to have the whole building rocking while trying not to start any fights lol because my music makes you wanna thug!

  1. How can the people keep up with King Tate online?

Twitter: DaReal_KingTate
Facebook: Dee Tate (King Tate)

  1. Any Last words or shout outs?

S/O GOD!!!! S/O my publicist Amanda Miles aka Awesomenezz and TripleHQ because without her I wouldn’t be where I am now S/O my boy Yung Zay #TMG S/O my lil bro Big Jay & S/O my bro Thug free my nigga S/O my cuz TJ free him as well S/O my boy Kushelena Bossen RIP K30 S/O MBG (MURDER BOY GANG) My youngsters retarded S/O NEP BAGHDAD AND DA WHOLE 5th street fuck it S/O my whole city HELLTOWN because they behind me every step S/O my son because he’s my motivation and last but not least S/O my haters/motivators!!! #G’sUp


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