Ang P(@AngTheFuture) – Street Lights (Just A Man) Prod by Know Life & Smoke M2D6

Right now all across America, Police and community relations seem to be at an all time low.  It seems like everyday we wake up to more footage of police brutality and outrage and empathy from people of all walks of life.  In the wake of the prosecutors decision to not file charges against Olympia, WA police officer Ryan Donald in the shooting of two young, unarmed black men in May of 2015, Ang P of The Real Life Click delivers a track with a message based on some of the frustrations we have with these issues.

“Street Lights (Just a Man)” features Ang P spitting at his very best, with well thought out lyrics that will definitely spark minds and conversation while still making you nod your head.  The smooth Know Life production allows Ang P to glide over the beat and let his words be felt.  Then just when you get into a comfortable groove, Shotgun Blast! and the Smoke M2D6 production immediately makes you want to get up and go crazy.  This is something you will want to spread!!!

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