Q&A with PR:Zenith Actor Katie Harbridge


How did you first hear about the Power Rangers: Zenith fan film? What made you audition for a role?

I was actually following the PR:Zenith project as a fan when I was contacted by Black Ranger and co-creator, Emmanuel Carter. We have mutual friends in the industry so he reached out and informed me that they were re-casting for the role. He asked if I would be interested in auditioning and of course I jumped on it immediately! There was no way I was going to allow myself to miss out on an opportunity like this.

How long did it take for them to get back with you on casting you as Kimberly?

I was contacted just a quick couple days after the audition to find out that I got the role. I can still remember my excitement.

Did you watch Power Rangers as a child? If so what do you remember most about it?

Did I watch as a child? HA! That’s an understatement. I didn’t miss an episode, I was OBSESSED! I always wanted to be the pink ranger and I remember having quite the crush on the red ranger. I had a large stuffed pink ranger doll that I never put down and I dressed up in my pink ranger Halloween costume as often as possible.


How much research did you have to do when studying Kimberly? Did you go back and watch episodes of the 1st 3 seasons?

I definitely re-watched episodes as a refresher and it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I actually didn’t have to do too much extensive research as I would for any other character because I felt like I already I knew the ins and outs of Kimberly Harts mind since the age of four. Of course, when I go back and look at these episodes now, I’m definitely paying closer attention to her mannerisms and characteristics.

Kimberly was heavily into gymnastics on the show. How much training has been done to prepare for that?

I was pretty involved with gymnastics growing up but didn’t keep up with it too much after middle school. I can still do some of the basics but I’m not quite to Kimberly’s level, YET. Our very own Derek Kunzman is actually extremely talented in that department and has been teaching us all some cool tricks. Flexibility is something that I’m working on every day and I’ve kicked up my fitness routine to compensate for some of the extreme acrobatics. Currently, I’m focusing a lot on the martial arts aspect of it.

What has filming been like thus far?

So far we’ve been filming promos and a lot of our fight rehearsals which is always a blast to do. I’ve read the scripts for our first couple of episodes and I must say, I’m trying hard to contain the excitement! I’m very anxious to start filming some great stuff for our loyal fans.

What are the similarities and differences between yourself and Kim?

Kimberly started out ditzy and materialistic but later evolved into a strong, confident, and caring person. She is a kind and compassionate soul who cares a great deal about her friends, and will not take kindly to anyone messing with them. This is certainly something I can associate with myself. We are both very driven and loyal to the core. Kimberly is the member of the team most likely to fire off a sarcastic or witty retort and this is another aspect of her personality that I definitely relate to. A big difference, however, is undoubtedly our calisthenic abilities.

What can we expect from Kimberly in this retelling fan film of Power Rangers? What will we see in your character that is different from the show?

In this series, fans can expect a unique fierceness to Kimberly in addition to her original bright spirit. Zenith characters will most definitely come with a modern twist. Teens these days have so much at their fingertips compared to teens of the 90’s. We’ll really be able to demonstrate those differences in the ways our characters work through their obstacles.

How can the fans keep up with you and Power Rangers: Zenith?

I’m on facebook and instagram at https://www.facebook.com/katie.harbridge, and https://instagram.com/katieharbridge/

The PR:Zenith page is also on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PowerRangersZenith?fref=ts, instagram at https://instagram.com/mmpr_zenith_, and youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-ZRCTx7vGO03Heh-ymNWQ/feed.Check us out!

Any last words or shout outs?

Thank you to Outta Orbit Entertainment for allowing me this opportunity and thank you to all of our supporters! We are having so much fun making this series a reality. With all of the exceptional talent we have on our team, we’re so excited to bring you an outstanding new series.


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