Q&A with Power Rangers:Zenith Actor Brandon Benz(@BrandonBenz1)


1Q. How were you first introduced to Power Rangers? Did you used to watch it as a child? Who was your favorite Ranger?

1A. I was first introduced to Power Rangers when I was a little kid, probably around 5 or 6 years old which actually ties in to my favorite character. While Jason Frank was making news coming back as the Green Ranger about a year ago, I was really confused because I always thought he was a bad guy so why does everyone like him. And when I got a part in Zenith I went back and watched the original show again and realized why, My favorite was JDF as the White Ranger because when I started watching it I didn’t come into it until he was all ready the White Ranger so I never knew that he became good while still being the Green Ranger and everything made a lot more sense. I did enjoy him as the Green Ranger when I went back and watched it but I still have to stick with Tommy the White Ranger as my favorite!

2Q. How did you come across the casting for Power Rangers: Zenith?

2A. I came across the casting for Zenith by taking my destiny into my own hands, haha. A started going out seeking casting calls and was able to do a few things here in Indianapolis but eventually it was getting hard to find projects that got into production or that even interested me, so I decided I’d make my own movie; something I could do EVERYTHING (write, direct, act, edit…) everything. I put out my own casting calls, got a group of people together, some of which had to move on to other things and that enabled me to bring on the two people who would become good friends and create the Project known as Power Rangers Zenith; Emmanuel Carter and Ransom Pugh. I brought them on as actors to my movie Incarnate: Awakening, they started hanging out a bit on and off set, got to talking about Power Rangers and went on to sculpt Zenith. I had the honor of being ASKED to play Billy, which, goes into what I did to learn about the character.

3Q. Being casted as Billy what all did you do to learn more about his character?

3A. I of course went back and watched ALL the original series that included Billy but one of the coolest and most surreal things Emman (what we call him, pronounced E-man) said, was that a lot of THIS Billy was inspired by me. Things I’ve said in real life, how I’ve acted, carry myself… heck, the outfit in that picture wasn’t bought for the character… that’s just stuff I own. I love Halo and still like Pokemon. Of course I’m not truly as smart as Billy but when you see the computer set-up I’ve got in my room, you’ll definitely go, “Yep! That’s what Billy’s room would look like in 2015!”

4Q. What characteristics do you and Billy share?

4A. Other than what I stated above about my personality helping sculpt Billy Cranston in Zenith, I’d say a trait we’d both share is, if there’s something we don’t know and really want to learn… we will learn about it and find out everything we can. When I get into something and really focus my time and mind, the next time you see me, I will be able to tell you everything about said subject. One of my Amazon wishlists is just a ton of science books I’d just like to own, a lot of ’em are from the Dummies Series, just to read through and learn something new. Not to get into the field of Biology or Kinesiology or anything else, but just to learn something for fun; how our bodies work, how nature works, just everything science has learned about LIFE, just for fun. I think Billy, old and new, was like that. He just likes to learn about the world around him for himself.

5Q. What has it been like on set? Any favorite or memorable moments thus far? What’s been the most exciting?

5A. Being on set is always a lot of fun. We are on an independent level still so we encounter good things and problems, but for the most part it’s always a good atmosphere. We’ve had people come out to help us with anything we needed help with but a lot of them end up just standing around watching cause we didn’t need any extra help. At the end of the day we’d apologize and they’d always say, “Ah no problem, I’m just happy I could come out and watch you guys do what you do!” I just really love the reception we get from people who are excited to see what we’re going to do with Zenith

6Q. What’s your relationship like with the other cast mates?

6A. Relationships with the others is amazing. We all became friends so fast! Obviously I was already friends with Emman, Ransom, and Tony, then Derek had come to set while I was shooting an Incarnate fight scene and we hit it off pretty quickly. Now, every time someone new joins the team it does NOT take long for people to warm-up and let their little barriers down and feed off the energy the others are giving off. When you’re on set or just in practice, you’d think we’d all been friends our entire lives or maybe we were in past lives if you believe in that, but regardless it’s an amazing experience when we’re all together. We also try and do things outside of filming together but it’s a little more difficult with people’s personal lives or other jobs getting in the way; everyone is still working toward something outside of filming. But the future is looking very good to where we’ll all have arrived at the place we want to be at in life and will have that time to regroup again and again, be it on other projects or just to hang out, to put all our hands on top of one another and shout, “Power Rangers!” while jumping in the air and being freeze framed lol.

7Q. What can we expect new from Billy that we didn’t get from the show?

7A. What’s awesome about Zenith is every character is getting a trait from the original show a focused treatment; meaning, there were things and ideas that the original characters showed but were never elaborated on, there was no true character development. You got to see that all of them were good-natured and wanted to help the environment, or kids, the rec/youth center, had to fight for friendship and love and all the generic things heroes have to go through, but you don’t get to see what makes THAT character important… for Billy, it’s his MIND. I loved how Emman pointed out at one point, if it weren’t for Billy, the Rangers would have lost so many times, and if you go back and watch the original show, it’s TRUE! Billy fixed so many things because he was the only one that could, the command center, Alpha, their teleporters… Billy was the smart geek and the only one capable of fixing things or creating things that would fix the problem. So let’s elaborate on that. For this it won’t even be that Billy is a good fighter as the Blue Ranger but even out of his suit, his mind is a force to reckon with, which I love and I think everyone else will because he has both MIND and BODY, YIN and YANG. BUT his mind will play into his fighting style. I won’t say how, obviously, but let’s just say there’s a lot of calculating with numbers going on in his mind for every detail of the battle, which plays into his fighting style of CQC… which is very reminiscent of how BIG BOSS fights 🙂

8Q. How can people keep up with you and the PR:Zenith film?

8A. People can check out Power Rangers: Zenith for updates on Zenith

I can be followed on a couple different things, some YouTube channels and twitter!
My FILM channel: GetDaCamera
Follow me on Twitter: @BrandonBenz1
My Gaming Channel: GetTheGamer
9Q. Any final words or shout outs?
9A. I’d like to shout out my PARENTS! Paul and Tonya! Without their support I wouldn’t be able to do this! No joke, I’m not talking figuratively or mentally! My mom really did want me to go to college but I kept telling her I just need to film and make movies to get going in the industry, college isn’t necessarily going to help, I just need to do! She’d always bring it up once in a while as a joke but the more and more I filmed, she knew it was what I really wanted to do in life. Even though I had quite a bit of downtime between film dates, whenever I did have something to film and edit I was hard at work on set and at home on the computer. Both knew I wasn’t playing around. They’ve given me a roof to still live under, a bed to sleep on and got me one of the cameras of my dreams. I thank them and love them for giving me this ability to pursue my career in the film industry!

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