Q&A with See.Francis(@seefrvncis)


Q1. You are from the Newark,NJ Tri-State area. How did that area bring you into the world of hip-hop?

A1. Redman, Outsidaz, Fugees, Queen Latifah, Lords of The Underground, Joe Budden, Naughty By Nature, The Outlawz, Ice-T, Rah Digga, Biz Markie, i can keep going lol.

Q2. Who were your hip-hop influences growing up?

A2. My biggest musical influence growing up was my uncle Keith. He was a artist himself. He pretty much sculpted me. Started with the music he would play for me, everything from Das Efx to Fela Kuti to watching him pursue his own art.

Q3. How did you go about creating your style and delivery?

A3. My style and stuff is really just me getting out whatever i have to get out, trying to create something beautiful and telling my story my way.

Q4. How did you get into the Illustrious Music Group?

A4. The whole iLLustrious wave was going on and brewing way before me. I ended up linking with my famiLLY Bishop thru a mutual friend and the rest is history really. Now we’re here.

Q5. What’s been your most successful moment thus far as an artist?

A5. My most successful moment has been not giving up regardless of how difficult things get/are and continuing to chase my dream, goals, and ambitions. I really dont get into accolades and numbers and all that kind of stuff.

Q6. What music project(s) are you currently working on?

A6. Right now im working on my next project “LightsViaXXXX”. I should be releasing some details about it soon but for now all im disclosing is the title.

Q7. Talk about the new track you are working on with Dave East? How did that track come about?

A7. I honestly dont even know lol i be kinda lost in my mind and ditzy most of the time, i woke up one day and MeRCY had texted me the remix artwork with Bishop, Dave and Ransom names on it and Bishop sent me his verse and that was that. Its good to see the homies doing great shit and branching out to work with new people that can bring a different vibe to things. Salute to Solidified our super producer too.

Q8. Where do you see this movement being 3-5 years from now?

A8. Shit im just trying to make it thru the week with all the wild ugly shit going on out here but i see us just continuing to craft great art and build what we have here at iLLustrious. We all have other interests outside of just making music so i definitely see us chasing and making those happen. Time will tell, i gotta get thru the rest of today first tho.

Q9. How can people keep up with your music online?

A9. I think im kinda on all the major platforms and outlets at this point so if you just type see.francis into anything i should pop up.

Q10. Any last words or shout outs?

A10. I just want to say thank you and that im grateful to everyone supporting me and the homies. 100.

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