New Yu-gi-oh Film Set for 2016 Release;Dark Magician & Blue Eyes White Dragon Get New Design


In the upcoming May Issue of V- Jump info on the next Yu-gi-oh film will be released. Above are new character designs for Yugi’s Dark Magician and Seto Kaiba’s Blue Eyes White Dragon. These design look pretty rad and totally fit the traditional look of what these monsters had. The Yu-gi-oh film will be a continuation of the original series. The characters will be older and is set for a 2016 Release and with an overseas release for a later date.


  1. I really like the fact that the characters will be older, but I don’t like the colours for dark magician. It’s not like this will stop me from watching it thought! I remember going to the theatre to watch a Yu-gi-oh movie. I got a card. I wish they would do that again!

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