Q&A with Heather Hatton(@HattonHeather)-S.B.I.C. (Sexiest Bitch in Comedy)

Heather Hatton is one of the most exciting female comedians right now. She does a Q&A with us to talk about being S.B.I.C., her comedian influences, and how much it means for her to be part of this new comedic movement.
heather hatton
Q1. What was your childhood like? What kept you smiling as a kid?

A1. My childhood was exciting, and adventurous, I was gymnast, pianist ran track and went to private school. What kept me smiling was being an athlete and performer.

Q2. Being a successful comedian, you must have studied the greats. Who were your comedic influences both past and present?

A2. My influences were and are, Lawanda Page ( Ester from Sanford and Sun), Red Fox, Richard Pryor,Andrew Dice Clay and Eddie Murphy. Recently I really like Deray and Cheryl Underwood.

Q3. There are often correlated connections between both comedy and music. How did music if any way influence your style as a comedian?

A3. Music influences me to be more direct and colorful with my delivery

Q4. Did you always wanna be in comedy. When did that opportunity become a real career path for you?

A4. I never thought about comedy, I initially wanted to be an actress and model, but being short, that quickly axed out the model thing..lmao, comedy is just like acting so im living that part of my dream.

Q5. Do you remember your first ever performance? How nervous were you if at all?

A5. My first performance was at Times Square, in Houston Texas where Rushon McDonald and Steve Harvey performed  I was nervous a little bit, put a took a shot of patron before I went on stage and the nerves went away

Q6. You are often referred to as S.B.I.C.(Sexiest Bitch in Comedy). What’s the story behind acclaiming this title? A6. Well, it came about, because when I would perform, promoters would often say, we have never seen a comedian look like you, they would refer to me as the Nicki Minaj or Trina of comedy.

heather hatton 3

Q7. How would you describe your style of comedic performance to a first time listener?

A7. Direct, blunt, physical, colorful

Q8. You have a unique combination of both making people laugh while being sexy at the same time. Do the two make it easier or harder for your peers to give you the proper respect as a true comedian?
A8. My peers overlook the sexy part, because I can be sexy in pajamas and shorts…in all actuality, they respect me because they know I work hard for it, these are real breast, this is a real butt, so they know I go to the gym, protein shakes etc. now if I was Tupperware built, oh, my peers would let me have it….

Q9. What has been your most successful or proudest moment thus far?

A9. Opening up for KeKe Wyatt

Q10. Entertainment lanes such as comedy have been mainly male dominated. In the past 10 years or so we have seen a rise and growth of female comedians both on stage and also in television. What is it like to be a part of that movement? What kind of impact do you personally want to see this movement lead to?

A10. It is amazing to be apart of this movement, female comedians are hella funny too, the only movement that I want to see is the continuous movement of accepting female comedians on all leverl

Q11. What goals does the S.B.I.C. have set for the year of 2015 and beyond?
A11. Well, I am in the process of preparing to release my ringtone (the only female comedian to do that), releasing my album in May 2015, and releasing my calendar (The only comedian to do that as well)

Q12. What advice would you give to a young aspiring comedian wanting to be in field as a career?

A12. Practice your delivery and do not make fun of your crowd, a true comedian doesn’t have to get material from fans…..

Q13. How can the people find Heather Hatton aka S.B.I.C. and keep in touch with your movement?

A13. my instagram in “RealHeatherHatton”, twiiter HattonHeather, and my fan page is HeatherHatton

Q14. Lastly in final words or shout outs to anyone?

A14. Yes, my publicist, my bestfriend/cousin, Elaina, Ann and cynthia, my parents and my special poopie…..and thank god for his favor on my life

heather hatton 2

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