Artist Spotlight: Angela Agosto(@Army_Regime)

 angela agosto

Born March 6, 1999 Angela is the fourth of five children. Being raised in a single family home helped her to develop a strong relationship with her siblings. The four girls and one boy all shared one room up until Angela was eight years old. During this time Angela’s mom LaKeisha Porter noticed the talent that her kids possessed. They would stay in the room and film each other singing, dancing and acting.
By the age of 10 Angela realized she wanted to sing but she was so shy that her mother would sneak and record her while she sang in the shower. Slowly but surely she began to develop more confidence in her ability to sing and continued making videos of her self singing. Once Angela graduated the fifth grade excited to enter middle school not knowing her skill and career will begin to expand.
Angela joined Sports and Arts after school program where she met Mr.K (Army) mentor and coach. Once Army heard Angela sing he knew right away that with her voice and most importantly h
eart she can change the world. He immediately added her to the Regime Music Group roster. Regime is a ministry of young people who use their talents to inspire, and encourage. Angela began taking lessons with Denielle Grey who currently works for Disney and her performing career started to take off. Having performed in numerous churches, schools and winning competitions Angela is determined to let God use her to reach out to other young people like herself.

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